How do you clean dog ears?

The dog's hygiene requires several things that must be regularly done to ensure their good health, one important task is to check your dog’s ears and clean it when necessary. This can be challenging at times but it some becomes an easy task for both owner and dog. Some dogs with long ears require more regular cleaning because of them being more at risk for ear infection while other breeds require only regular inspections. Start the dog's hygiene by the regular rubbing of your dog’s ears, they love it and puts them at ease when you need to clean their ears. If they pull away their ears might be sore and they possibly need some cleaning.

What does a healthy ear look like?

Tips Dog hygiene

A healthy ear should be pink, clean, odourless and mustn’t be inflamed. Regular shaking of the head or a mild smell can be an indication that it is time to clean your dog’s ears. If you detect any yeasty or bad smell the ear can be infected by things like mites, allergies, ticks or fleas. If any symptom is present it is wise to visit the vet. You only need ear-cleaning solution, a cotton ball or gauze, and an old towel for the dog's hygiene when cleaning the ears. Don’t use any item with a pointed tip as it may force dirt and grime into the dog’s ear canal. Use an ear-cleaning solution that‘s approved by a vet for the dog's hygiene.

How to do it

Get your supplies and ensure that your dog is calm, use treats if necessary. Fill your dog‘s ear canal with the cleaning solution while you massage the base of the ear, after about 30 seconds you will hear a squishing sound when the build-up of dirt and grime becomes dislodged. Allow your dog to shake his head, keep your towel handy to wipe the face and protect yourself from being splashed. Use the cotton gauze or ball to gently wipe the ear canal clean not deeper than the length of a knuckle. Repeat with the other ear.